Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


The first few weeks I joined the Twitter community I barely touched it. I hated the idea being restricted to 140-characters. Hashtags terrified me. The little bird icon taunted me.

I have been resisting Twitter for years. But, in the world of media I live in today, whether or not I get a job can be based on how many followers I have.

I made a profile, struggled to describe myself with my 140 characters and started following people.

So, when Leonard Downie Jr. and Robert G. Kaiser discussed the idea that Twitter may not survive over time in “News About the News,” I was frustrated to say the least.

I was finally writing tweets with tagging people, hashtags and links (maybe even a photo) and now I hear this thing I didn’t want to do in the first place may just disappear?!

But, that is the nature of technology. When something new is introduced, something is lost.

Seemingly overnight, Myspace was wiped off the face of the social media popularity race replaced by the bigger, better Facebook.

Now, Twitter seems to be taking over the reigns. What’s next? Can these companies prove to users and investors alike that they can evolve and grow?


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