The Brooklyn “Live Art” Market Brings Visitors into the Canvas


On March 1, 2014, The Circle Theater of New York (CTNY) presented The Brooklyn “Live Art” Market for the first time since founding in 2010 at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

Set in the darkly lit renovated bathhouse, spectators were given tiny ring flashlights which were used to “discover the art”—literally. The large atrium was completely dim from tarps hanging from dilapidating walls adding to the mystic of the night.

Neon lights illuminated visual artists’ work like Yuki Matsumura from Chiba, Japan who showcased her latest work photographing performance in action.

Chains of Love by Yuki Matsumura.

Chains of Love by Yuki Matsumura.

Other artists included Laurel Lynn Leake’s exploration of “how we construct and communicate our identities in an intersectional world” and the unconventional cartoonist Sasha Steinberg.

Steinberg was also part of the “live art” performing a lively drag set. With five different costume changes in a five part routine, Steinberg dazzled the audience with humor and grace while wearing six-inch heels.

Steinberg was joined by other performing artists within the CTNY company as well as partner theater, Calliope Theater Company. Calliope performed an avant-garde skit in the second set.

Stonewall: Miss Venus by Sasha Steinberg

Stonewall: Miss Venus by Sasha Steinberg

The event also held several circus acts where girls jumped from trapezes and spun on the cyr wheel. Taught aerial dancer, Mandy Jean drew gasps from the crowd as she glided up and down along a thin silk sheet hanging several feet off the ground.

Between acts, the Brooklyn “Live Art” Market showcased musical artists to serenade the room of bearded, Narraganseet drinkers and girls clutching faux fur coats.

The Brooklyn “Live Art” Market, is the first of a new quarterly event produced by CTNY to bring together alternative art practitioners in Brooklyn.

“We’re just here to support each other’s talents,” said CTNY company member Claire Tyres.

The next event in the series will take place in June as the company seeks to establish a new genre in the New York art scene.


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