Bloomberg’s Words


Another journalism giant visited the School of Journalism on Tuesday. Editor-In-Chief of Bloomberg News Matt Winkler spoke as part of the SOJ’s lecture series “My Life As.”

Prior to the event, I was working on the flyers as part of my job and did a little snooping around the web to pull out one of those inspiring quotes to make apathetic college student interested in going to a voluntary lecture…

We are defined by our words.  –Matt Winkler

Not too shabby. It’s possible no one else noticed the quote but I thought about it the following weeks leading up to the event. Yes, I can start an article with a good lede and follow by articulating facts and quotes in an interesting, captivating manner. And yet, every time I read one of my stories after I have “finished” it I know I could do better. Use a better quote, find a better number, talk to so-and-so, etc.

That doesn’t matter though because that article, those paragraphs, those sentences and those words are what readers are holding in their hands.

And, after Winkler briefly explained why Bloomberg decided not to publish the piece on China marketplaces in the question and answer portion of the evening, it reiterates that point.

Regardless of any sort of business speculation, if a story is not ready to be printed, it cannot be presented to the public.

Few know the exact details on Bloomberg’s controversial decision, but as journalists, we cannot put a story out for public consumption without considering our words.



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