What’s the Brand?


In class presentations the other day, my colleague Julianne Mosher discussed the topic of “branding.” For someone whom up until a year ago admittedly refused to make a Twitter, this is new concept.

Today’s day and age is much more about the individual. When you are being considered for a job, one of the biggest assets is to have a “following.” How many friends, likes or comments do you have on Facebook? How many followers do you have on Twitter? How often do you Instagram?

It’s the idea of celebritizing the author rather than the publication. Yes, if I had New York Times columnist in my bio, it might give me a bit more validity. However, like we heard from Camilla Webster and Lauren Hill, it’s all about making an identity for the authors.

Being on as many social media sites as possible helps but you have to be active on them. One concept Julianne said that I hadn’t thought of was going by one name for everything. Maggy is a nickname for Margaret so when I apply for a job, they would probably search for Margaret as my legal name. This is a problem when I go by Maggy on nearly every medium. To fix this potential problem, I added my website to the header of my resumè. Even if they do a Google search, they will also visit my site “maggykilroy.com” thus giving myself a brand.


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