Batter Up


In the world of media, especially in the technology-driven, fast-paced word today, making a name for yourself is not an easy task. Although I’m always reading columns or front page articles, watching the news and generally paying attention to this ecosystem, I could probably count the number of journalists I know by name on my hands and feet. No, I’m not proud of that fact. However, that raises a question: What does it take to be noticed?

Before Anderson Cooper was Anderson Cooper 360, how did he suddenly become a household name?

With David Letterman announcing his retirement, speculations are swarming with whom might be his replacement.The position as a Late Night TV host is one of instant fame. They don’t sign contracts year-to-year–sorry, Conan. No, when you get a show, its the “Iron Throne” for journalists.

The successful anchors are the elites of the media world: best-in-class, summa cum laude, etc. So who will be the next to swing for the hot seat? I can’t wait to find out. Batter up.


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